Yard Debris Recycling Service

We understand the importance of renewable practices and recycling. We offer you the opportunity to bring in your yard debris (green waste), grass trimmings, fill dirt, sod and concrete.

Eliminate the hassle of handling waste

How it Works

Anything you would normally put in your green bin can be brought to our facility for our team to recycle on your behalf. This includes acceptable green waste such as grass trimmings, fill dirt, sod, and concrete.

Not Accepted

The green waste items we receive must not be:

  • painted
  • chemically treated
  • no nails, staples, metal of any kind
  • no home garbage or plastics
  • no longer than 6 feet
  • no wider than 8 inches
yard debris close up leaves and twigs
Bark Boys trucks

Delivery & Pick-Up Options

  • ^Delivery
  • ^You Pick Up
  • ^By the Bucket
  • ^Semi Truck