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Organic garden compost delivery from Bark Boys

Organic garden compost

Best for: Top dressing for planting beds. Start from scratch or revive established beds with organic garden compost. With compost delivery, it’s never been easier to get start growing your garden! Contact us for garden soil delivery, soil blower service, or drive thru pickup.

Specifications: Mostly screened ½”, all screened 1”

Details: Garden compost OMRI Listed. Compost sourced from recycling centers and certified through the United States Composting Council program. Spread organic garden compost 3-4” deep for soil amendment, till to a depth of 6-8”. For mulch, spread 3-4” deep and 1-2” for established beds.


Blended soil at Bark Boys


Best for: Raised garden beds with vegetables and flowers. Transplanting trees or shrubs. Planting new lawn seed. With landscape soil delivery, this versatile blend can bring your garden beds or new lawn to life! Contact us for garden soil delivery or drive thru pickup in Salem.

Specifications: 60 / 40 blend of compost and topsoil. A mixture of organic compost, topsoil, aged bark fines, loam, and sand.

Details: Apply blended soil to needed depth depending on roots and growing space of your plants. Can be incorporated with native soil as needed.

Top soil delivery from Bark Boys

Top soil / Sandy Loam

Best for: Flower garden soil, vegetable beds soil, or planting a new lawn. Topsoil retains nutrients and water, and allows for drainage and air to reach plant roots. Bark Boys specializes in top soil delivery for your landscape project, large or small. Convenient top soil delivery options include same day delivery or top soil blower service

Specifications: Screened topsoil

Details: A versatile soil for raised garden beds, preparing a vegetable garden and filling in dips in your yard. Also a stable soil and the best substrate for a building foundation.

Bark Boys Services

soil blower and topsoil blower service

Soil Blower Service

No spreading or pick up required. Availability dependent on blower service schedule.

soil and compost delivery by Bark Boys

Soil and Compost Delivery

No pick up required, dumped where desired. Typically ready for same day delivery

You haul soil and compost pick up

You-Haul Soil and Compost Pick Up

Pick up required.
Available now,
7 days a week.