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Bark Dust

Fir bark dust at Bark Boys

Fir Bark Dust

Best Seller

Best for: residential and commercial landscapes, pathway bark, running trail bark. Fir bark dust or fir bark mulch retains moisture around plants, especially acid loving plants such as azaleas, blueberries, rhododendrons. A best selling option for blown in bark, contact us for delivery options.

Specifications: ¾” minus Douglas Fir Bark

Details: Orange brown in color with seasonal variation. Spread 2” deep for best use.

Hemlock bark dust at Bark Boys

Hemlock Bark dust

Best for: Commercial landscapes or bark for yard projects. Hemlock bark dust is a pet friendly bark, and superior option for areas with children, due to less slivers. 

Specifications: ¾” down to fines

Details: Can be red brown or dark brown, depending on season. Spread hemlock bark dust 2” deep for best use.

Dark fir aged fir bark dust at Bark Boys

Dark Fir (Aged Fir)

Best for: Residential and commercial landscape bark. Dark Fir retains moisture in the soil, and is a great choice for acid loving plants. Looking for bark blowing around azaleas, blueberries, or rhododendrons? Contact us for delivery options.

Details: Spread 2” deep for best use.

Black Dyed Fir bark dust at Bark Boys

Black Dyed Fir Bark Dust

Best bark for: A rich, long lasting color for residential and commercial landscapes.
Specifications: Screened at ⅝” minus (ranges from 1” down to fines)
Details: Dark Brown uses carbon black colors. Brick red uses Iron oxide and is available for special order.

Wood Chips and Bark Nuggets

closeup of cedar wood chips at Bark Boys

Cedar Wood Chips

Best bark for: Play structures, ground cover, dog runs.
Details: Helps repel bugs, retain soil temperature and moisture. Spread 3” deep for best use.
Hardwood wood chips at Bark Boys

Hardwood Chips

Best bark for: Garden pathways, walking trails, playgrounds, dog kennels, and construction area mud control.
Specifications: Screened to ¾” up to 3” with few fines. Maple and Alder wood.
Details: Blonde color. Spread 6-12” deep for new playgrounds. Spread 1-3” for pathways, walking trails, and dog kennels.
certified playground wood chips at Bark Boys

Certified Playground Wood Chips

Best bark for: Playground fall protection. Pathways, walking tracks, or dog runs.
Specifications: ¼” up to 1-½” with fines. Cedar or Douglas Fir wood.
Details: Blonde color. Apply 6-12” deep for new playgrounds. Apply 3-4” for pathways, walking tracks. For fall protection, follow ASTM installation guidelines.
PlayAway Fiber Chips are a high quality engineered wood chip meeting ASTM and ADA standards for playground access and fall protection. (American Society for Testing and Materials, American with Disabilities Act)
Fir bark nuggets bark rock at Bark Boys

Fir Bark Nuggets (Bark Rock)

Best bark for: Residential and commercial landscapes with more of a rustic look. Ideal for coastal landscapes with high wind.
Specifications: Screened ½” to 1: without fines.
Details: Brown color. Spread 2” deep for best use.

Hog Fuel

Cedar hog fuel at Bark Boys

Cedar Hog Fuel

Best bark for: Mud control in livestock arenas, paddocks, and dog runs. Also mud control for construction sites.
Specifications: Screened ¾” to 3”.
Details: Apply 3-8” deep for mud control. Apply 3-4” deep for pathways and running trails.

walk on bark - fir hog fuel at Bark Boys

Walk on Bark – Fir Hog Fuel

Best bark for: Pathways, mud control, an alternate ground cover.
Details: Spread 3” deep for best use. This multi-purpose alternative is an excellent way to control mud and stay on the surface instead of being squished down.


sawdust at Bark Boys


Best for: Covering grass seeds to promote germination. Also livestock bedding and placement around blueberry plants.
Specifications: Very fine, but not dusty.
Details: Spread 1-3” deep, depending on project.