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What should I do to prepare for bark to be blown in?

We recommend our delivery checklist for easy preparation. The main thing is to turn off sprinklers, move vehicles, and close up windows and doors. And of course, keep pets and children away from the area.

Do you sell bagged bark or only by the yard?

Yes, we carry bagged bark and by the yard. Small loads ready for pick up, or large load delivery! 

If I bring a truck / trailer will you load it for me?

Of course! We load customer orders by the truck or trailer. Smaller orders are available by the bucket, or bag. Whatever quantity is right for your project.

What type of rock should I use for my driveway?

We have a variety of quarry rock and crushed gravel perfect for driveways. The most popular choice is ¾” minus rock, but we can help find the right rock for your driveway.

Which bark has slivers?

We recommend Hemlock Bark Dust for areas with children or pets, due to less slivers. Fir is known to have splinters which is why we recommend hemlock.

Do you recycle yard debris?

Yes, we accept the following recycle materials:

  • Wood debris / Green waste
  • Green grass trimmings
  • Fill dirt
  • Sod
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt

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