Bagged Products

Bark, Compost, and Soil by the bag

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Bark Mulch

Bark O Mulch ground cover fir bark

Fir Bark

Best for: Enhancing landscapes
Fine textured Douglas Fir bark, dark orange-brown in color.

Douglas Nugget ground cover bark nuggets

Bark Nuggets

Best for: Rustic landscape accents. Ideal for coastal areas and growing orchids.
Details: Douglas fir bark nuggets.

bagged Hemlock bark ground cover

Hemlock Bark

Best for: Top dressing on any landscape that won’t leave slivers in your hands.
Details: Dark brown, almost black in color.

Color Rich Mulch

Best for: Earth-friendly colorant for vibrant color lasting through the season.
Details: Douglas Fir available in two colors, brick red or dark brown.

Compost, Soils, Mixes

Bagged blended mint compost

Blended Mint Compost

Best for: Roses and established plants. It works great as a mulch by adding organic matter to the root zone.
Very dark, finely textured, organic compost.

Nature's Best Planting Soil bag

Nature’s Best Soil

Best for: Getting plants off to a great start.
A rich blend of compost and natural ingredients.

Veggie Boost Compost bag

VeggieBoost Compost

Best for: Amending garden soil beds each year.
Natural and organic. Includes a balanced starter blend of ingredients. Mycorrhizal Fungi is added to help the roots absorb water and nutrients.

Super Grow Pro Hybrid garden rich soil bag

Garden Rich Soil

Best for: Planting flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.
A tried and true, healthy planting soil with a high quality blend of ingredients.

Super Natural potting mix bag

Super Natural Mix

Best for: Containers and hanging baskets.
A soilless growing medium.