Boulders & Flagstone

Boulders and Flagstone are great ways to help with drainage and enhance your landscape.


A large smooth rock

When Do I Use Boulders?

Boulders can be used for drainage, and creates a rustic look in your yard, retaining wall, and a natural play structure for your kids. 

Boulder Specifications

Various shapes, size and colors.

wet boulders sitting on dirt


Flagstone is a rock that has been cut into slabs and cut into irregular shapes. 

When Do I Use Flagstone?

Flagstone can create a more natural and unique pathway or patio around your home or yard.  It can also be used in fireplaces, interior floors, and balconies. 

How Do I Use Flagstone?

Flagstone is put down in place of pavers or cement to help create a charming pathway. Stack them in your yard for a natural retaining wall, or in your home for a rustic fireplace. 

Flagstone Specifications

3″-5″ irregular shapes, average length and height is 1′ with a rough face, with varying colors. 

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