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three quarter quarry rock with measuring tape


Three quarter minus with fines with measuring tape

¾” Minus River rock

quarter minus rock with measuring tape

¼” minus rock

Best gravel for: Driveways, pathways, RV pads
Specifications: ¾”, ¾”, and ¼”
Details: Washed quarry rock typically comes with fine materials to help the rock pack down better. Additional sizes and open (without fine materials) are also available for special orders.

Round rock

River rock with measuring tape

2” – 6” Round Rock

one and a half inch round rock with measuring tape

1” – 2” Round Rock

one half by three quarter round rock with measuring tape

¾” Round Rock

one and a half inch round rock with measuring tape

⅜” Pea Gravel

Round Rock best for: Walkways, dog runs, water features, drainage and general erosion control.
Pea Gravel best for: Pathways, ground cover, and drainage
Specifications: 2”-6” , 1”-2”, ¾”, ⅜”
Details: Color varies, but typically a dark grey. Recommended to spread pea gravel 1-2” deep

More gravel

Red cinder rock

Red Cinder

Best rock for: Flowerbeds as an alternative to bark dust
Specifications: Large ¾”  – ½” or Small ¼” – ½” special order
Details: Recommended to spread 3” thick.


Dune beach sand with measuring tape

Dune Sand

Best used for: Volleyball courts, sand boxes, backyard sand areas.
Specifications: Sourced naturally from the Oregon coast.
Details: For sandboxes recommended spread to 6-12” deep. For volleyball courts recommended spread to 10-18” deep.

Masonry sand with measuring tape

Masonry Sand

Best used for: Sandblasting, masonry projects, potting mixes. Also can be mixed with sawdust in horse arenas for better drainage and traction.
Specifications: A courser sand than found at the beach.
Details: One unit is 7.5 Cu. Yards. This covers 600 sq ft. 4” deep.