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Topsoil Soil Mix Organic Compost

Organic Compost


Soil Mix

Working directly with the recycling program this compost, sometimes referred to as mulch, is comprised of leaves and recycled yard debris. This extremely rich, fine, dark material is very high in nitrogen and an excellent source to amend depleted topsoil. One of the best times of year to add compost to your garden beds is in the spring. Many avid gardeners use compost as a top dressing in lieu of bark dust. Compost acts similar to hemlock or fir bark dust helping soil retain moisture and discouraging weed growth. Fall is also a good time to spread compost around your garden beds. Over the winter months the rain will leach important nutrients into your soil for healthier, happier more beautiful plants the following spring. *Tested and approved by the USCC (United States Composting Council) Soil analysis available.

A sandy river loam. Our topsoil has been ran through a screen to remove any rocks, roots etc. Use for laying sod or planting grass seed. Excellent for retaining walls and a good product for all around "fill". Read more in our topsoil article.

Organic compost and topsoil mixed at a 60/40 ratio. (60% organic compost & 40% sandy topsoil. Use for raised flower beds, vegetable gardens, planter boxes, or enhancing the condition of your existing flower beds. We tested it and you can use it for house plants too!

Calculate how much bark or mulch you may need!

  • There are 7.5 cubic yards (200 cubic feet) in one unit of bark dust.

  • A unit will cover 1,200 square feet at 2 inches thick.

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