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3/4 of an inch and finer. Hemlock bark contains little to no slivers so it is perfect for the avid gardener and families with small children. Use as a decorative ground cover to add that finished look to your landscape. Applied at a depth of 2 to 3 inches, hemlock will help retain moisture in hot months, protect plants from the cold winter months and help keep the weeds down. It is high in natural oils and has been found to repel ants and other insects when the bark is fresh. Hemlock is available in either Red (fresh from the saw mill) or Dark (aged). Bark Boys purchases all its bark products directly from the saw mill. When you order from us it is hemlock. Guaranteed!

3/4 of an inch and finer. Like hemlock, fir bark will provide that finished look, retain moisture, protect plants and help with weed control. This type of bark is more acidic than other bark products so it is the perfect choice if you have shrubs such as rhodedendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas. Blueberries love a more acidic soil too! Available in either Red (fresh from the saw mill) or Dark (aged). If sliver content is not an issue for you consider fir bark as a less expensive alternative. You will still get the same quality and look at a lower price! Apply at a depth of 2 - 3 inches.

Fir bark nuggets are roughly 1 - 2 inches in size. This makes an excellent long lasting ground cover. Wind resistant and decorative. Spread at a depth of at least 3 inches.

Wood Chips are just that, chips of wood. They are blonde in color roughly the size of a quarter. Bark Boys supplies wood chips to the the local elementary schools. Wood Chips provide what is known as a soft fall for children under swing sets and play equipment. Other uses for wood chips include ground cover, walkways or in dog runs for mud control. If you are looking for a long lasting product in your landscape wood chips are a good option to consider.

This soft, fibrous material is an excellent way to control mud. Many livestock owners will tell you that cedar hogfuel is an invaluable resource for keeping their animals out of the mud. Due to its stringy texture, cedar hogfuel will stay on the surface rather than getting squished down and becoming a muddy area all over again. Cedar is known to repel fleas so it is ideal for dog runs. An added smells great too! Does your landscape contain a walkway or garden path? This is the perfect product for you. If you have ever taken a stroll around Bush Pasture Park or any of the city parks you are walking on cedar hogfuel and it came right from Bark Boys. Cedar hogfuel is also an economical alternative for underneath your children's play equipment.

This very fine material can be used for livestock bedding, covering up grass seed and is the preferred choice for blueberry farmers.

Calculate how much bark or mulch you may need!

  • There are 7.5 cubic yards (200 cubic feet) in one unit of bark dust.

  • A unit will cover 1,200 square feet at 2 inches thick.

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